Welcome to the website woven for wordaholics, logolepts, and verbivores. Carnivores eat meat; herbivores eat plants and vegetables; verbivores devour words. If you are heels over head (as well as head over heels) in love with words, tarry here a while to graze or, perhaps, feast on the English language. Ours is the only language in which you drive in a parkway and park in a driveway and your nose can run and your feet can smell.





Best-selling author and world-class punster Richard Lederer presents the scariest and silliest spectacle of monsters ever gathered together in a single book. The 1,000 jokes, 80 illustrations, 60 poems, and 20 creepy creatures are guaranteed to make both kids and groan-ups laugh out loud!


Don’t ever play ping pong with King Kong.

Don’t ever take blood tests with Dracula.

Don’t you dare give a wedgie to Frankenstein.

Your ending will be quite spectaculah!