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This coming Tuesday, the Miami Marlins will host the 2017 All-Star game. Many of us fondly recall bygone days in which baseball players were anointed with colorful nicknames. San Diego’s native son Ted Williams, for example, was variously dubbed the Splendid Splinter, the Kid, Teddy Ballgame and the Thumper. Similarly George Herman Ruth took on the monikers Babe, the Bambino and the Sultan of Swat and Joe DiMaggio The Yankee Clipper and Joltin’ Joe.

At the start of the 1976 baseball season, the Detroit Tigers unveiled Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, one of the most exciting rookie pitchers in the history of baseball. Fidrych acquired his nickname because he looked like the Sesame Street character Big Bird. In his first year, Fidrych won 19 games and lost nine, accumulating a league-leading ERA of 2.34 and was voted American League Rookie of the year.

Sadly, Fidrych, plagued by knee and shoulder problems, never lived up to his early promise, but for a few years he was the most famous Bird before a fellow named Larry changed what it meant to play the game of basketball.

Where have all the baseball nicknames gone? Long time passing. Where have all the baseball nicknames gone? Long time ago.  The way-back machine brings us colorful; characters such as Walter “Big Train Johnson,” Lou “The Iron Horse” Gehrig, Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose, Ernie “Mr. Cub” Banks, and Hammering’ Hank Aaron (along with Hammerin’ Hank Greenburg). More recently, we watched the play of Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas, Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez and David “Big Papa” Ortiz.

Today? Can you name any baseballers with beguiling nicknames? Maybe, but just a few. The art of the classic cognomen seems to have gone the way of fountain pens, phonographs, typewriters and telephone booths.

Play ball, sports junkies, word buffs, old-timers and young-timers. Match each baseball all-star with his nickname

1. John Baker                The Barber
2. Lawrence Berra        Big Poison
3. Dennis Boyd             Blue Moon
4. Mordecai Brown      Bucky
5. Roger Clemens         Casey
6. Clarence Coleman   Catfish
7. Ty Cobb                     Choo-Choo
8. Jay Dean                   Country
9. Paul Dean                 Cy
10. Russell Dent          Daffy
11. Leo Durocher         Dizzy
12. Bob Feller               Doctor K
13. Carlton Fisk           Ducky
14. Frankie Frisch       Duke
15. Dwight Gooden     The Flying Dutchman                                                                                                                                 16. Rich Gossage         The Fordham Flash
17. Robert Green         Gabby
18. Robert Grove         The Georgia Peach
19. Ken Harrelson       Goose
20. Charles Hartnett  The Hat
21. Rogers Hornsby    Hawk
22. Jim Hunter            Home Run
23. Joe Jackson            Killer
24. Reggie Jackson      Klu
25. William Keeler       Kong
26. Harmon Killebrew Lefty
27. Dave Kingman        The Lip
28. Ted Kluszewski       The Man
29. Bill Lee                     Mr. October
30. Salvatore Maglie     Oil Can
31. Walter Maranville    Pee Wee
32. Willie Mays              Pie
33. Joe Medwick            Pudge
34. Stan Musial              Pumpsie
35. John Odom              Rabbit
36. Leroy Paige              The Rajah
37. Harold Reese            Rapid Robert
38. Phil Rizzuto            Red
39. Albert Schoendienst    The Rocket
40. Enos Slaughter           Satchel
41. Ozzie Smith                Say Hey
42. Edwin Snider             Scooter
43. Charles Stengel           Shoeless Joe
44. Harold Traynor          Spaceman
45. Honus Wagner         Three Finger
46. Harry Walker           Wee Willie
47. Paul Waner               Wild Thing
48. Mitch Williams         The Wizard of Oz
49. Carl Yaztrzemski       Yaz
50. Denton Young           Yogi


1. Home Run 2. Yogi 3. Oil Can 4. Three Finger 5. The Rocket 6. Choo-Choo 7. The Georgia Peach 8. Dizzy 9. Daffy 10. Bucky 11. The Lip 12. Rapid Robert 13. Pudge (also Ivan Rodriguez) 14. The Fordham Flash 15. Doctor K 16. Goose 17. Pumpsie 18. Lefty 19. Hawk 20. Gabby 21. The Rajah 22. Catfish 23. Shoeless Joe 24. Mr. October 25. Wee Willie (also Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t) 26. Killer 27. Kong 28. Klu 29. Spaceman 30. The Barber 31. Rabbit 32. Say Hey 33. Ducky 34. The Man 35. Blue Moon 36. Satchel 37. Pee Wee 38. Scooter 39. Red (also Charles Ruffing) 40. Country 41. The Wizard of Oz 42. Duke 43. Casey 44. Pie 45. The Flying Dutchman 46. The Hat 47. Big Poison 48. Wild Thing 49. Yaz 50. Cy