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Toastmasters International Honors Richard Lederer

a.k.a. “Conan the Grammarian” and “Attila the Pun”

In May, 2002, in recognition of his ability and influence as a writer and public speaker, Richard Lederer, Ph.D., of San Diego, Calif., was selected as the recipient of Toastmasters International’s Golden Gavel Award.

Dr. Lederer was presented with the award during a luncheon in his honor on Thursday, Aug. 22, at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas, as part of Toastmasters’ 71 st Annual International Convention.

The Golden Gavel is the most prestigious award offered to non-Toastmasters by Toastmasters International, a nonprofit, worldwide organization devoted to teaching public speaking skills. The award is presented to a distinguished individual in the fields of communication and leadership. Past recipients include Walter Cronkite, Anthony Robbins, Mark Russell, Art Linkletter, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Robert Schuller, and management experts Tom Peters, Kenneth Blanchard, and Harvey Mackay.

For more information, go to the Toastmasters International website.

Past Golden Gavel recipients:

Toastmasters’ most prestigious award presented to non-Toastmasters is the Golden Gavel. For the past 53 years, it has been given annually to an individual distinguished in the fields of communication and leadership. The award is presented at the Toastmasters International Convention, during a dinner in the recipient’s honor.

Year Recipient Industry
2011 Robin Sharma Leadership expert, author, speaker
2010 Carolyn Kepcher Author, TV personality, businesswoman
2009 Bruce Tulgan Author, founder and chairman of RainmakerThinking
2008 Pamela Wallin Canadian journalist and media personality
2007 Barbara De Angelis Radio Personality, author
2006 Jim Kouzes Leadership Expert, author, speaker
2005 Marcus Buckingham Leadership expert, author, speaker
2004 Dr. Stephen Covey Author; Co-Founder, Franklin Covey Company
2003 Debbie Fields Rose Author; Founder, Mrs. Fields Cookies
2002 Dr. Richard Lederer Author, Communication and Leadership Expert
2001 Jim Cathcart Author, speaker, human-development expert
2000 Nido Qubein Speaker, consultant, entrepreneur
1999 Zig Ziglar Speaker, author
1998 Jeanne Robertson Speaker, humorist
1997 Dr. Deepak Chopra Author, speaker
1996 Dr. LeRoy Walker President, U.S. Olympic Committee
1995 Tony Robbins Author, seminar leader
1994 Les Brown Motivational speaker
1993 Peter Legge Speaker, publisher
1992 Dr. Kenneth H. Blanchard Author, management expert
1991 Bill Gove Professional speaker, seminar leader
1990 Tom Peters Author, management expert
1989 Joel H. Weldon Professional speaker, seminar leader
1988 Grace M. Hopper Rear Admiral, USNR (Retired), Computer pioneer
1987 Dr. Wayne Dyer Psychologist, author, speaker
1986 Art Linkletter Author, speaker, TV personality
1985 Marva Collins Educator
1984 Dr. Charles W. Jarvis Humorist, lecturer
1983 Mark Russell Humorist, writer, lecturer
1982 Dr. Joyce Brothers Psychologist, author, speaker
1981 James L. Hayes Management expert, speaker
1980 Dr. Kenneth McFarland Philanthropist, lecturer, author
1979 Bob Richards Motivational speaker, Olympic champion
1978 Dr. Robert H. Schuller Theologian, author, lecturer
1977 Gordon Sinclair Newsman, broadcaster, author
1976 Earl Nightingale Internationally known broadcaster, author
1975 John W. Warner Administrator, American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
1974 Bobby Richardson Speaker, athletic coach
1973 Dr. S.I. Hayakawa Author, lecturer
1972 Cavett Robert Author, lecturer
1971 Wallace Jamie Director of International Public Relations, Carnation Company
1969 Walter Cronkite Distinguished newsman and journalist
1968 Greer Garson Internationally known stage, screen and television personality
1967 John W. Fisher Commissioner and Chairman of the Board, Canadian Centennial Commission
1966 Eugene J. McNeeley Former President, AT&T
1965 Robert Moses City Planner and President, New York World’s Fair of 1964-65
1964 Lowell Thomas Writer, commentator, lecturer
1963 Dr. Ralph C. Smedley Founder, Toastmasters International
1962 Reed Harris Executive Assistant to the Director, U.S. Information Agency
1961 Eric Johnston President, Motion Picture Association of America
1960 Joseph N. Welch Eminent Boston Attorney
1959 Dr. Frank C. Baxter Professor Emeritus, USC; television personality