Welcome to the website woven for wordaholics, logolepts, and verbivores. Carnivores eat meat; herbivores eat plants and vegetables; verbivores devour words. If you are heels over head (as well as head over heels) in love with words, tarry here a while to graze or, perhaps, feast on the English language. Ours is the only language in which you drive in a parkway and park in a driveway and your nose can run and your feet can smell.

Richard Lederer’s Books

I am always delighted to provide signed copies of any of my books, inscribed according to your instructions, as gifts to family, friends, or yourself. In their reviews, such illuminati as Sidney Sheldon and Robert Fulghum have penned warm words about my words about words.

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Trade Paperback


The Joy of Names – $15

reveals all you need to know about first names, baby names, last names, nicknames, cruel and unusual names, movie stars’ names, presidents’ names, eponymous names, names from myths, authors’ pseudonyms, and other fascinating facts about names. Richard Lederer, who is often called “Learning Dressed Up to Have Fun,” makes all these topics delightfully accessible. The illustrations by Todd Smith help bring the information to vibrant life.

Trade Paperback


Challenging Words – $13

a sublime adventure in recreational linguistics that brings order to our English language. Be prepared for a wordy workout consisting of aerobics of the mind and push-ups of the brain.

Trade Paperback 147 pgs.

New!American Trivia Quiz Book – $10

By Richard Lederer and Caroline McCullagh.

The American Trivia Quiz Book brims with fascinating facts about the people, places, and events that make our nation great. Adorned with well over 100 illustrations, this book will boost your knowledge of and appreciation for all things American.


Monsters Unchained – $9 New!

Best-selling author and world-class punster Richard Lederer presents the scariest and silliest spectacle of monsters ever gathered together in a single book. The 1,000 jokes, 80 illustrations, 60 poems, and 20 creepy creatures are guaranteed to make both kids and groan-ups laugh out loud!

Don’t ever play ping pong with King Kong.

Don’t ever take blood tests with Dracula.

Don’t you dare give a wedgie to Frankenstein.

Your ending will be quite spectaculah!

Amazing Words – $15

Word Wizard Richard Lederer offers his insight into the most bedazzling, beguiling, and bewitching words in the English language. With enchanting, enthralling, and entrancing etymologies, puns, and letter patterns of more than a thousand everyday words, readers will delight in the love of words that Dr. Lederer has poured into each entry. This is Lederer’s career-capping book for language lovers.

Trade paperback, 168 pages

Lederer on Language – $15

In this wide-ranging collection, Richard Lederer offers his reflections on the English language, along with his tales of a life in letters. The more than 30 chapters include Dr. Lederer’s best columns from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Trade paperback, 272 pages

Word Wizard – $15

A career-capping anthology of Richard Lederer’s best and most popular pieces on the English language. The essays capture the sweep of Dr. Lederer’s many adventures as a verbivore and enlighten, inspire, and tickle the funny bone.

Trade paperback, 168 pages

The Gift of Age – $15

Richard Lederer shares wit and wisdom, information and inspiration about the incredible journey to maturity. The touching stories, fascinating facts, and rollicking humor will stir your soul, stimulate your mind, and tickle your funny bone. The pages are set in 14-point type.

Trade paperback, 144 pages

American Trivia – $10

Richard Lederer and Caroline McCullagh have written American Trivia to make American history live for their readers. More than 90 illustrations enliven the panoramic history of our great nation — from how our country got its name and from Lady Liberty to the Liberty Bell to our favorite foods, movies, and sports.

Trade paperback

Presidential Trivia – $10

Who was our youngest American president? Who was our oldest? Who were our tallest, shortest, and fattest? Richard Lederer offers a treasury of fascinating facts about the feats, fates, families, foibles, and firsts of our American presidents, from George Washington to Donald Trump.

Hardcover, 128 pages

A Treasury for Cat Lovers – $10

In these pages cat lovers can celebrate the special bond they share with their beloved companions. A heartwarming collection of fascinating facts, touching stories, history, science, and hilarious jokes about our feline friends.

Hardcover, 128 pages

A Treasury for Dog Lovers – $10

In these pages dog lovers can celebrate the special bond they share with their beloved companions. A heartwarming collection of fascinating facts, touching stories, history, science, and hilarious jokes about our best friends.

Trade paperback, 168 pages

A Tribute to Teachers – $13

Cheering on the true heroes of the classroom,Richard Lederer sings a chorus of praise for those who change our lives one day and one lesson at a time. Readers will meet great teachers throughout history, as well as educators captured in literature, film, and comic strips. A must for teachers and those who love them.

Beyond Language

American Trivia (what we all should know about our great nation) $10.00
New American Trivia Quiz Book  Fascinating facts about the people, places, and events that make our nation great.
Presidential Trivia (fascinating facts about our presidents) $10.00
A Tribute to Teachers (in praise of teachers) $13.00
The Gift of Age (wit and wisdom, information and inspiration) $15.00
A Treasury for Cat Lovers (in praise of cats) $14.00
A Treasury for Dog Lovers (in praise of dogs) $14.00


Hilarious Holiday Humor (the history and humor of our major holidays) $8.00
Puns Spooken Here (Halloween lore and puns) $8.00
Have a Punny Christmas (Christmas lore and puns) $8.00


Amazing Words (an anthology of fascinating words) $15.00
Word Wizard (the best of Richard Lederer) $15.00
Lederer on Language (reflections on the English language) $15.00
Crazy English (a joyride through English) $14.00
The Play of Words (educational word games) $15.00
The Miracle of Language (a hymn of praise to English) $14.00


Anguished English (bloopers) $10.00
More Anguished English (bloopers) $8.00
Fractured English (bloopers) $14.00
The Bride of Anguished English (bloopers) $14.00
The Revenge of Anguished English (bloopers) $14.00


Get Thee to a Punnery (classic puns) $10.00
The Cunning Linguist (good clean dirty wordplay) $14.00
The Ants Are My Friends (a concert of musical punchlines) $10.00

For Children

Monsters Unchained (For Children 8-13) $9.00
Pun & Games (word play for children 9-13) $10.00
The Circus of Words (letter play for children 9-13) $14.00
Super Funny Animal Jokes (for children 8-12) $8.00
Wild & Wacky Animal Jokes (for children 8-12) $8.00
Rip Roaring Animal Jokes (for children 8-12) $8.00
Cleverly Comical Animal Jokes (for children 8-12) $8.00
Animal Cracker Uppers Jr. (for children 7-10) $8.00

Language Skills

The Write Way (a guide to real-life writing) $14.00
Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lay (advice for the grammatically challenged) $14.00
Comma Sense (a fun-damental guide to punctuation) $11.00


The Word Circus (making the alphabet dance) $14.00
The Big Book of Word Play Crosswords (100 original puzzles) $14.00

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